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Customer Care

We have been taking care of our customers for over 80 years and have the knowledge and high-quality parts on hand to keep your plant running at peak performance.

Support Contacts

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to put you and your operation back on track with expert advice, expedited ordering and industry-leading parts access. Call the main phone number: (360) 694-1501, then press the extension of the person you'd like to reach.

Service Contact Information

Service (Service Coordinator)


Ann Zagariya
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 639

Service (Manager)


Jeff Papke
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 469

Technical Service Representative (Electrical)


Dave McKee
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 545

Technical Service Representative (Mechanical)


James Wright
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 367

Warranty / Returns


Ann Zagariya (Service Coordinator)
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 639

Parts & yabo亚搏电竞 Contact Information

International Parts Specialist


Rod Tucker
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 375

Mold Sales And Mold Engineering Manager


Craig Coleman
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 654

yabo亚搏电竞 Specialist


Tommy Zimmerman
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 473

yabo亚搏电竞 Specialist


Bill Harper
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 277

Parts Specialist


Andrea Inman
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 301

Parts And Retrofits Manager


Jay Fenander
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 442

Parts Specialist


Jenna Bechtel
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 408

Product Manager – Techmatic yabo亚搏电竞


Jim Kullberg
(360) 694-1501 Ext. 477

Due to COVID-19, our fall training has been cancelled. Please contact us for additional information.


Columbia’s technical courses are designed to improve the efficiency of every producer’s workforce. Whether at our training center in Vancouver, Washington or through an in-plant course, a Columbia technical school will improve your plant’s productivity.

In-Plant, On-Site

In-plant schools are a great way for your operators to get specialized training on the very equipment they run every day. Specific courses can be tailored for your equipment, including all CPM machines, Model 22, 16, and 1600 block machines, pallet handling systems, cubers, mixers, and all peripheral equipment.

Schedule Training

Classroom Education

yabosports官网 technical schools offer a variety of training courses for operators, plant managers and owners. Areas covered include basic block machine operation and machine maintenance, basic electrical to advanced electronics (PLC), and understanding the mixing/batching process.

Register For A Class

Online Parts Ordering

Browse and order parts online using our e-commerce site. You can search based on the equipment you own, and easily order whatever parts you may need.

Knowledge base

We're Ready To Help

For more information or questions on any of our concrete products solutions