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            We manufacture equipment for every aspect of concrete products production. Our machines work as hard as you do to create valuable, profit-driven products year after year. It is how we have set the standard for over 80 years.


            yabosports官网 has a storied history of leadership and innovation within the concrete products industry. We have over 80 years of expertise, proven technology, reliable equipment and industry-leading customer service.

            EXPLORE OUR yabosports官网

            yabosports官网 is one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete products equipment, serving customers for over 80 years, in over 100 countries. From mixing and batching to automatic cubing and splitting, Columbia builds a complete line of equipment to outfit your entire concrete products plant.

            Batching mixing
            BATCHING & MIXING

            Cutting-edge automation, precisely engineered batching solutions, industry-leading line of mixers.


            Our machines are engineered to produce a wide variety of concrete products for every market.


            We create long-lasting custom designed and out-of-the-box molds that set the industry standard.


            Boost productivity, reduce expenses, improve product quality by adding the right accessory.

            Product handling version 2

            Pallet handling to move green product safely and efficiently, and cubers for every sized operation.

            BAGGING yabosports官网

            Our line of bag fillers, conveyors and bag palletizers can handle a wide variety of materials.

            Make the best products for your market with Columbia


            For more information or questions on any of our concrete products solutions

            GET IN TOUCH
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